Rose Sugatan, Voice Over Artist

Since her earliest years, Rose has always been a performer at heart who lives to delight others through her craft of voice acting. 

Rose is dedicated to telling powerful stories, whether it unfolds in a 30-second digital ad, a one-hour documentary, or at a whole-day event in front of thousands. 

Draw from her 18 years of experience in the voice over industry—where the best creatives choose Rose to entertain people, awaken their minds, and move them into action through her voice. 

If you’re looking for an exceptionally versatile female voice over artist, you can trust Rose to take your project to the next level. 


“There’s a real story behind why my studio is called Mama’s Voice, and it’s really sweet!” says Rose. “Since they were babies, my children would always squeal in delight, ‘It’s mama’s voice!’ every time they heard my voice on the radio, TV, or internet.”

The name caught on, and Mama’s Voice Studio was born.