“Rose’s biggest strength is her ability to hear herself and adjust her voice delivery according to directions. 

I’m not referring to simple blanket changes in tonality or projection. I’m talking about making very small changes while keeping everything as is. What’s more amazing is how she is able to keep up with all these changes as more and more creative directions are poured in.

This, along with her innate ability to apply those minute changes while keeping characterization intact all throughout, just floors me. All this, done with a clear and impeccable diction plus the sweet, pleasant timbre, makes her one-of-a-kind. 

Another strong point is her positive work attitude and clear understanding of the complexities that make our jobs even more challenging. Taking into account all the projects we’ve done through the years, Rose is a gem I can always depend on.”

– Eric Adorable, Former Chief Engineer and Director of Audio Engineering, Hit Productions, Inc.

“Rose has provided us with voice work on a regular basis since 2010. She’s so easy to work with and always stays in constant contact regarding her schedule. If you’re looking for a versatile voice talent, Rose is the answer!” 

– Pat Panlilio, Executive Producer, loudBox Studios, Inc.

“A professional at every level. Rose’s voice is versatile; able to fit into any project. She can move from a very classic, familiar voice to add charm to your copy or to a full-on emotional performance of a true voice actor. If you need it funny, sad, enthusiastic, motherly, sultry, or inspirational—she can pull it off. Clean and consistent, take after take. She’s our go-to for a female voice actor!”

– Jason Isip, President, Creation Station, Inc.

“Rose is a veteran voice actor and long-time talent of ours. She has voiced easily several hundreds of radio commercials for our in-store radio programs. Rose is easy to work with as she is quick to pick up on the delivery that you want from your copy. Only a few voice actors can consistently stay on our roster of preferred artists, and Rose is one of them.”

– JJ Sison, Business Unit Director, AudioWAV, Inc.

“Rose is the voice for all seasons in our video projects, as she is very adaptable. Be it in English, Filipino, corporate or in character, she can deliver the script naturally. With her, it’s almost always one take only.”

– Christine Cerrer-Dela Cruz, Director of Operations, Wildfire, Inc.

“We have worked with Rose a number of times, and we are just blown away by the quality of her voice. But beyond that, she’s a consummate professional and a charming woman, and we highly recommend her.”

– Benjamin Canapi, Owner, PsychoCow Productions